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Jeff LoVecchio

Getting better is an Intentional act

Jeff Lovecchio


The only reason I was able to accomplish what I did during my hockey career was because of the things I did in the gym. 

Despite a stride that resembled Happy Gilmore’s, I was able to sign two NHL contracts and play professionally all over the world for ten years. 

After my third year pro, I decided to start a training company to teach players in my hometown all the things I had learned up to that point in my career.

Every off-season I would come home and have more & more players wanting to train with me because of the results my clients were having in season on the ice. 

Jeff LoVecchio Bruins Hockey

Fast forward to today and I’ve been training pro hockey players for fifteen years now and everyone below pro for twelve ! 

During the Plandemic I made the decision to help as many players as I could that were stuck at home or didn’t have access to gyms by putting out my first off-season programs on the internet (one with gym equipment & one using household items for weights – I don’t believe in excuses). That first year I had thousands of players from 14 different countries train with me online in some shape or form. 

Since the plandemic, online I’ve worked with individuals, teams & organizations offering my services year round to anyone looking for quality training at a fraction of the price (videos of every exercise come standard with every training program I build out, no PDFs here son).

Some of the teams/organizations I have worked with in this capacity : University of Alaska Fairbanks NCAA DI * Lawrence University NCAA D3 * Tri City Storm USHL * Youngstown Phantoms USHL * Maryland Black Bears NAHL * Boston Jr Rangers EHL * Mercer Chiefs NCDC  * Ironbound Elite AAA Girls Program * St. Louis AAA Lady Blues AAA Girls Program * And many, many more 

In 2021 I also decided to put my money where my mouth was and allow anyone looking for a challenge to join me daily for my own personal workouts. The GMBM Training team is a group of well over 230 people strong from all corners of the world looking to train smarter & harder every day to level up their lives both in the gym & outside of it !!! I wanted people to stop guessing what to do and for basically a dollar a day everything is programmed out for you, all you have to do is show up and follow along in the app and try to beat my numbers !

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give more

Giving more starts with yourself. Make the commitment to yourself to see how good you can be. To see how far you can go. I’ve seen it for over twenty years in the game of hockey, the players that give the most to their development always wind up being the most successful both on the ice and off of it for the rest of their lives. 

Jeff LoVecchio stretching

be more

If you truly want to succeed at anything you need to be willing to put more into whatever that is. More time. More intention. More effort. Stop saying you want this or that and work towards it !!! 

My grandma always said to me growing up, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” There’s no truer statement.

If you truly want to be more, let me help you like I’ve helped thousands of others.

Jeff LoVecchio speaking to players in his gym

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