confidence is not given, it's earned.
i speak to teams, organizations, & companies on actionable ways to start leveling up their lives, teams & orGanizations immediately.

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Whether it’s in person or over zoom, I bring the noise and will light a fire under your organization’s ass. 

I speak to coaches/management/heads of organizations before my speech so that I can relate everything we talk about to your specific situation and personnel. 

From laying out the GMBM philosophy, to failing forward, to how learning to adapt is actually a super power, I will empower each individual in your group to chase their best self (which in turn leads to overall team/organization success)!

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Jeff stepped in and talked to over 150 high level sales rep from Dell Technologies during an extremely interesting time.  There was a lot of uncertainty around health and wellness and the adjustment of employees working from home.  He came in, as Jeff does, with an incredible amount of energy and reinforced the importance of taking care of ourselves, our families and neighbors.  He not only reminded the group to focus on what was important, but to continue give more each day.  This was an incredible reminder for everyone to focus on taking care of our bodies so we could continue to operate at the highest levels.  Not only did he talk about health but he offered his services and programs to the group.  The genuineness of his delivery was felt throughout the Dell team, and we were so thankful to have him presenting to the group.
Steve Silver
Dell Technologies


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Oftentimes an outside voice is exactly what every team, organization and business needs for a message to truly resonate.

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