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My GMBM training team is designed for any high performers looking to train smarter & harder than they every have! This is my own personal training program that over 240 people and counting rip every day with me. the goal is simple: TRAIN SMARTER & HARDER while having fun, pushing ourselves & each other in a fun, interactive environment. Do be warned, this team is INTENSE, if you’re looking for easy, look elsewhere.




Keep my body HEALTHY & FUNCTIONING at peak levels for my ENTIRE life.


To be an ALPHA you have to train like one.


Run circles around meatheads whose bodies don't actually function well... WHILE ALSO OUT LIFTING THEM.


Following a consistent training program that focuses on long term performance by way of SMARTER & HARDER training will guarantee long lasting results.

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Direct Access to jeff

You can DM me ANYTIME. You can also post to the message boards that ONLY WE CAN see to talk about anything and everything within our group !

This isn't a 1990's PDF program!!!

Quality videos of me demonstrating & coaching you for everything I have you doing

Committed Teammates

Join a team where everyone is doing the same things together, every day, all pushing each other towards a common goal.

Programming 7 days per week

Mobility - Stability - Injury Prevention - Athleticism - Strength - Power - Speed -
Joint Health

Detailed, Expert Instruction

I lead by example. I will be performing every workout on the same days as you and
am always here to help !

Delivered Through TrainHeroic

This isn't some shitty PDF. You will never guess what an exercise should look like when training with me online. TrainHeroic allows me to actually coach you for the most affordable price possible.

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Your body is your temple. You only get one. There are no returns. Let me teach you how to train in ways that will elevate your quality of life not detract from it. Everything you need, from your training to your connection to me and the community, will be delivered to your fingertips. I’ve partnered with TrainHeroic to deliver our team’s training to you using the same tech that I use with my pro guys. We’ll track our progress and how we’re stacking up against each other seamlessly, as we’re training each day.
Jeff LoVecchio looking jacked



Although I’m now retired from playing professional hockey for over 10 years, my passion for training & bettering myself hasn’t changed. 

I am & always will be an absolute savage & for the first time ever, I’m giving people the chance to train with me. 

When you sign up, you will literally be completing the EXACT same workouts I am! I want to build an army of savages that are training SMARTER & HARDER. Every single exercise from my warm-up, to my pre-hab, to plyometrics, everything has a video built into this app of me demonstrating & coaching you through perfect form for safety & maximum effectiveness. I am sold out for in person sessions almost all day every day so I decided to do this with the hopes of helping as many people as I possibly can for basically $1 per day.

Every month there will be different objectives but the outcomes will always be the same : Stay Healthy. Stay Jacked. Remain Explosive, Athletic & Sexy in a Mobile & Pain Free Body.

Anyone can join my team at anytime. Commit to training with me & start living your best life.

Joseph Woll training in Jeff LoVecchio's gym

2024 offseason training

Hockey players

The offseason is what separates the men from boys and the women from girls. It’s GO TIME!

This program covers 19 weeks and is divided up into 5 phases.

Every week and each phase builds upon what you’ve done before and helps you progress in both load and ability to take you from your first week back in the gym all the way to when you need to peak for your first practice of next season!

Don’t get left behind this off-season. Separate yourself from the competition.

Pro hockey players training in Jeff LoVecchio's gym

At-home off season training

Hockey players

I Couldn’t Workout Because I Don’t Have A Gym Pass …


More often than not, the offseason is what separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls. Yes, gyms all over the country are closed right now but you can still get better RIGHT NOW WITH THIS PROGRAM FROM HOME. We will use this time to prepare your body to make more gains than you ever have this offseason! Train Smarter AND Harder.



If you don’t use it, you lose it.

We are both extremely passionate when it comes to helping people learn how to get more from their body’s.

If you’re an athlete, this program will help you to express more control of the skills required for your sport due to increased mobility, stability & strength in your hips. Having the ability to control your body in all ranges of motion will instantly make you a better athlete while also helping you mitigate risk of some injuries.

If you’re not an athlete BUT YOU ARE A HUMAN, this program will help you too ! Increased mobility, stability & strength in the hips will aide in postural health, core strength, injury mitigation, better walking and running mechanics and will help you gain strength in greater ranges of motion !

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