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Direct Access to jeff

We have a private group chat built into the app that only your players, coaches, and I have access to, allowing players to ask questions about training, nutrition, mindset, and more. It also enables your players to send in video form-checks that I can critique or applaud which again is MASSIVE in training effectively and safely!!!

Exercise Video Guidance

Every single exercise, hand-eye drill, stretch, EVERYTHING, comes with a video of me demonstrating and coaching the athlete so that they are getting the most out of each exercise. THIS IS MASSIVELY IMPORTANT - how you do things matters just as much as what you’re doing when it comes to training!


Track your teammates' scores.
Nurture friendly competition.
Hold each other accountable and push each other to be your best.

Custom Programming

A customized program built around your schedule whether that's IN SEASON or OFF-SEASON Mobility - Stability - Injury Prevention - Athleticism - Speed - Power - Strength - Mindset - Overall Health

Monthly zoom with vecchs

A Zoom call with your organization, players & parents covering any & all topics that will instantly make your players better. Topics include: nutrition, mindset, recovery, how to get scouted, game day routines, visualization, leadership, practice habits, being a good teammate, etc.

Delivered Through TrainHeroic

No more clunky binders, handwritten workout PDFs that get lost, etc. Each player’s workouts will be tracked, forever, with all of their own numbers saved for every exercise they ever do. This will help your players challenge themselves to be their best while also staying safe in the gym!

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After hearing about and watching Jeff, I knew I needed him in our program if we wanted to take a step forward and support our student-athletes. It wasn’t until after getting to know him as person that I realized the impact he was about to have on me, our players, and our program. My coaching motto is Preparation, Detail, and Consistency. Jeff embodies that and does it with a passion and enthusiasm that is truly unmatched. Jeff’s professionalism, love for the student-athletes, and contagious attitude is something that any institution would be blessed to have supporting their players. At the end of the day, he does things that go way beyond the weight room and ice. He prepares them for life. Always has a plan, always in a timely manner, and never cheating a detail. His ability to connect with the human side and communicate the bigger purpose of doing things the right way is the best I have ever seen. We are very lucky to have him working with us at St. Lawrence University.

Brett Wall

Head Coach – Lawrence Men’s Ice Hockey

brett wall
Our school was in the middle of hiring someone for our strength and conditioning right at the beginning of the year. Our team had some discussions; we wanted to get someone who knew what they were doing, specifically with hockey. Alot of guys on our team had past experience with Jeff and recommended him. He’s been working with us as our strength & conditioning coach, and it’s been great. He explains each exercise in detail, so we know exactly what we need to be doing. There’s videos for every exercise. There’s communication with the leadership group on the team so that he can understand where the needs of the team are. If I had to describe his training philosophy for our team, I’d say it is ‘doing what needs to be done, so we can feel our absolute best on the ice.’ He tailors each workout plan to the specific team he works with.

– T.J. Lloyd

Player – University of Alaska-Fairbanks

tj lloyd

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