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1st Phorm

*The highest quality supplement brand on the market

*Green check mark certified products for no banned substances 

*110% Money back guarantee on every single product

*My Staples : Phormula-1 Natural Protein – Ignition – Creatine – Micro Factor – Magnesium – Opti-Greens 50

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Slant board guy

*GMBM custom slantboards in three different models

*My clients warm up on the duos before skating

*Great for the foot, ankle, knee, hip & spine

*The only slant board you’ll ever need : buy it nice or buy it twice

*I’ve had over 20 in my gym for three years getting daily use & have never had to replace any of them

GMBM Cold Tub

The Cold Life

*American made cold & hot tubs

*The only customizable stainless steel tubs on the market

*Every single tub is hand inspected before shipping

Jeff Using Ancore


*The number one product I suggest for anyone building a home gym

*Very similar to what the Keiser Functional Trainer can do for a fraction of the price while being completely portable 

*Partnered with the NHL so it is now mandatory that multiple sets must be in every visitor NHL locker room in the league

*Easily attaches to any squat rack 

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*Allows you to go harder for longer 

*Green check mark certified for no banned substances

*Prevents muscle fatigue

*Contains menthol, carnosine & magnesium to help maximize your athletic performance 

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*The only weighted hockey training stick on the market 

*Choose your same curve & flex 

*Can be used on the ice or off

*One of the most innovative products in the game

*GELSTX also makes golf & lacrosse weighted training aids 

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Cured nutrition

*Founded by a former NASA Aerospace Engineer

*Unbelievable quality meets a wide variety of products to find which one is the best for you

*I personally use the Pure Daily Mint CBD Oil in the morning and the Zen Relax & Restore capsules at night … with the Serenity Gummies anytime I want to clear my mind and get focused 

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*The OG coordination training stick

*Extremely durable ( I’ve had 24 sticks in my gym for 3 years with hundreds of uses )

*Great for hand eye drills, processing speed & prep for competition

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Vector FTS


*Mini Bands


*Gym Mats 

*Miscellaneous Training Equipment

titan fitness 1

Titan fitness

Titan fitness states its goal as delivering access to premium products without the premium price tag to help people achieve their goals.

They do this by building reliable fitness equipment that withstands intense workouts and by pricing their equipment realistically so that fitness is attainable for everyone! 

This is massively important to me and is the main reason I chose to partner with them!

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lebert fitness

*Forward thinking fitness company that makes innovative products for less



*A smarter take on the TRX

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